What’s Included in Your A1 Utah Home Inspection

Whether your buying or selling a single family home, a condominium, a townhouse, a duplex, triplex or fourplex our comprehensive evaluation of more than 1,400 items inside and outside are at the heart of every A1 Utah Home Inspection. We conduct a visual inspection of accessible systems and components of the home including:

• Structure and foundation
• Gutters and drainage
• Electrical systems
• Walls, floors and ceilings
• Plumbing systems
• Porches and decks
• Roofs and attics
• Property and site
• Basements and crawl spaces

We also inspect and operate:

• Furnaces in heating season
• A representative sampling of lights and receptacles
• Air conditioning in cooling season
• A representative sampling of windows and doors
• Plumbing fixtures in kitchens and baths
• Built-in appliances
• Water heaters

Identify Unseen Potential Problems With FREE Infrared Scanning

Many unseen problems can be hiding behind walls, under floors, and in attics that can cause expensive future damage or even dangerous conditions in a home. Our advanced thermal imaging devices can detect these problems so you never enter into a home negotiation “blind” to potential problems that lurk in unseen places. Our infrared imaging can find problems such as:

• Moisture and water damage
• Roof leaks and water penetration
• Dangerous electrical issues
• Missing insulation

Thermal Image of Water Damage

Thermal Image of Insufficient Insulation

Thermal Image of Heat Escape


We take care of our customers all along the Wasatch Front, including Park City, Heber City, and Midway.

Inspected Once, Inspected Right!